Agro Food Processing (AFP) Facilities

Code of Conduct

  1. All employees will duly come to the office, dressed neatly and properly. Employees are expected to be hard working, punctual and conscientious. Employees are expected to arrive at work and attend meetings on time and to notify their CEO / Department head in case of sickness or any other reason for absence. Habitual absence without permission, late attendance and continuous negligence of work constitutes misconduct at AFP and may warrant disciplinary action by the Management.
  2. During office hours, personal visitors will be kept to a minimum. After office hours or on Sundays, visitors will only be allowed in the office block area. Personal visitors are not allowed to use computers or workstations under any circumstances. Employees can use another employee’s workstation only with prior permission of the employee or Admin. Personal visitors are not allowed visit processing area including fruit shed area without the approval of the administration.
  3. No employee will make any personal/professional commitment, which may be detrimental to the interest of AFP.
  4. No employee will divulge confidential information, likely to affect AFP adversely, to any unauthorized person/organization.
  5. No employee will take part in active politics.
  6. No employee in any capacity will issue false, scandalous or incorrect Press or Public statement against AFP or its management, which may damage the goodwill and public image of AFP.
  7. No employee will smoke on the premises of AFP during office hours, except at designated places.
  8. No employee will do private or personal work on AFP’s premises without the permission of the Administration.
  9. No employee will misuse any amenity or amenities provided by the Management in his / her or another employee’s favor.
  10. All employees in the presence of clients will behave in such a manner so as to enhance the goodwill and image of AFP.
  11. No employee will accept presents/gifts of any sort from any person/party connected in any way with AFP’s business, which are in excess of Rs. 1,000 in value excluding promotional giveaways.
  12. Employees are expected to manage subordinates in a fair and reasonable manner and encourage harmony and co-operation in the workplace.
  13. Company’s stationery, files or any other property will not be used for private and unofficial reasons.
  14. Employees are expected to use good judgment, adhere to high ethical standards and avoid conflicting situations.
  15. No employee will behave or act in a manner which is discriminatory or harassing to other employees based on gender, pregnancy, childbirth (or related medical conditions), race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, or any status protected by provincial and federal laws.
  16. The employee will return all the documents, equipment, cash or any other item to the superior on completion of his/her service.
  17. Information Sharing with processors is strictly prohibited
  18. No employee should approach to media etc without prior authorization of CEO.