Agro Food Processing (AFP) Facilities


 Packaging Types
1. Aseptic
2. Frozen
3. Chemically Preserved

Packaging Information
To maintain the freshness of our natural products ,we ensure that they are packaged in materials which not only help preserve their nutrition value, but also increase their shelf –life and maintain their taste.

Our Products are packaged in the best quality Aseptic Bags, produced by state-of-the-art manufacturing units across the world. Such packaging meets all required storage standards and enables us to deliver freshness wherever required.

Aseptic Packaging
Type: 200litre Aseptic Bags
The production of these bags encompasses co-extruded blown film, offering near–aseptic multilayer interiors. Each bag undergoes Gamma-ray treatment which provides chemical- free sterilization. The Nylon-Aluminum foil provides highly flexible material with excellent oxygen barrier properties.

Along with such type of packing we also have cold storage facility made of latest techniques of Ploy Urethane material. Chiller room having capacity of 550 ton and frozen room having capacity of 150 tons can freeze up to -20 ̊̊C.