Agro Food Processing (AFP) Facilities

Culture & Values

The personal ‘values’ that the staff carries defines the ‘culture’ of the Company.  The values cannot be enforced through specified rules and regulations; however a set of guidelines can be laid out by which the attitude and conduct of individual staff members can be evaluated. The collective and voluntary adherence to these guidelines subsequently leads to professional and functional excellence of the Company. Once ‘Corporate Culture’ has been established through this process, it takes a life of its own and individuals tend to fall in line with it instinctively. Eventually this works towards a sustained growth of the individuals as well as the Company.

Towards this end, the following guidelines are being laid out:-

  • A strong sense of fraternity whereby every staff member carries a voluntary responsibility for their individual domain and the Company as a whole. Also a sense of pride for belonging to the Company, and a positive and healthy concern for all that needs improvement.
  • Placement of highest priority to work that manifests in speed of operations, quick response times, maximum utilization of work hours, punctuality in following office timings, deadlines and meetings.
  • Honoring one’s commitments and refraining from behavior that may be construed as an act of moral or professional turpitude.
  • Keeping channels of horizontal and vertical communication open within the Company, and only CEO / Department head are allowed to do the same with other external clients.
  • Inculcating a spirit of cooperation (Teamwork) throughout the Company.
  • The Management cadres will provide room for and encourage freedom for initiative and staff will constantly endeavor to be creative in the development of new ideas, procedures and solutions in line of their assignments.
  • Recognizing and accepting different personal styles, valuing diverse perspectives, and being empathetic towards other people’s views and limitations – considering diversity as strength rather than a weakness of the Company.
  • The desire and ability of the Company to develop and incorporate ways to improve itself through constant self-evaluation.

Maintaining a confidence-inspiring, client friendly human interface