Agro Food Processing (AFP) Facilities


AFP Core Principals: Agro Food Processing Facilities is a common facility centre and its primary role is to build long term and value able relations with growers, processors and entrepreneurs by meeting consumers’ preferences for high-quality Pulp Products. However, AFP believes that by absorbing and balancing a wider range of expectations, we are best placed to continue building a sustainable growth of Pulp industry.


Quality Policy: AFP aims to offer high quality healthy and natural produce to all of its customers. Continuous improvement of all production process through teamwork is also among its objectives. AFP applies scientific capabilities and consumer insights to contribute to advances in nutrition, health and well-being.


AFP Assurance: Agro Food Processing Facility is committed to provide the customers competitive techno commercial services in its specific field of expertise in Pulp and Puree to achieve customer satisfaction at all levels of operation. AFP is committed to quality, integrity and excellence in whatever it does to meet its mission and Vision. AFP always strives to review and evaluate its performance to guarantee the highest level of customer service. AFP success is measured by the customer satisfaction and feedback.


Environmental Care and Sustainability: AFP conducts its services in a socially aware and responsible manner taking care of the environment and the communities in which we live and work. AFP is committed to care the environment, social responsibilities and conducting its business in environmentally sustainable manner. It has effluent water treatment plant at its production site. The used water is treated and brought to the level of purity where it is reused in meeting the irrigation needs of the factory green belts and gardens.


Certificates & Memberships: The AFP Company has been certified for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Organic Production. The Company has undergone surveillance audits of above certificates successfully.