Agro Food Processing (AFP) Facilities


  • To promote agro food sector by providing processing facilities for pulp extraction of various fruits like Mango, Guava etc and Tomato Paste/puree to local growers at low cost and help the growers to have value addition to their agro food products.
  • To support the fruit and vegetable growers in processing and value addition of their products.
  • To introduce agro food based common facility centers enabling to minimize the post harvest losses in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • To give exposure to growers about latest fruit and vegetable processing techniques to make them familiar with latest processing techniques that can add value to the products and earn foreign exchange through exports.
  • To introduce vegetables and fruits processing facilities to help the growers to increase their income and exports of the country.
  • To help local growers to go for technology transfer.
  • To provide Consultancy services regarding value addition and processing of fruit and vegetables to local growers.